Sustainability without Sacrificing Service

Road Runner Tires are 99.5% Zinc Free 

Zinc from storm water harms fish and other aquatic life.  Zinc can bind to fish gills and cause suffocation. Tire dust is a major contributor to high zinc levels in our waterways. Roadrunner can help you take steps to comply with the zinc levels specified in your permit, and at the same time protect Texas waters.

Roadrunner Rubber cares about our planet and is committed to keeping harmful substances out of the environment.  Our fiberglass, non-marking cushion press-on forklift tires are 99.5% zinc free! Eco-friendly and tough, our zinc free tires have a durometer of 72. That’s harder than most regular rubber tires! And Roadrunner gives you that toughness without sacrificing a smooth ride for operators.

Corporate environmental responsibility means understanding the complete lifecycle of our products – from sourcing to end of life and the potential for recycling.